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Build and deploy a modern SaaS application using the most popular open-source software.

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“Building modern web apps is too difficult.”

Have you tried to launch a project only to get stuck trying to do it "the right way"? I've been there. I'd waste time dealing with complex tech instead of shipping products. Then, I started building apps like it's 2025.

Spend less time doing the things you hate.

  • Provisioning Servers
  • What is Kubernetes?
  • Dealing with Webpack
  • Cross-browser issues

And more time doing the things you love.

  • Building your product
  • Deploying with ease
  • Making your customers happy
  • Working with modern tools

Transform front-end to full-stack.

Are you frustrated with how long it takes to go from idea to production? As a front-end developer, I wanted to bring my ideas to life. Not just the front-end, but the full stack.

Then, I discovered the Jamstack and the optimal workflow for front-end developers.

  1. Build dynamic applications that become static.
  2. Push code to a repository with Git.
  3. Deploy instantly to a global CDN.

"React 2025 helped me leave my front-end comfort zone and expand into the full stack." –– Joe Bell

React 2025React 2025

Not your typical course.

Are you tired of courses that don't show real-world applications? In my last course, I showed how to build an application with a database, authentication, and more. But I never launched it.

This course will show the journey from zero lines of code to production for a real SaaS app. This isn't another example. At the end of the course, I launched the product.

  • Next.js / React
  • Firebase Authentication / Firestore
  • Subscription payments with Stripe
  • Deployed serverless to Vercel

What we're building.

In this course, we'll build Fast Feedback – the easiest way to add reviews and comments to your site. You can try it out here.

What people are saying.

"Seriously incredible work. Your live streams have really helped my impostor syndrome. Watching you work is both educational and gratifying. Keep it up!"

Michael Schultz

Course Overview

Join over 1,500 other students who've taken React 2025. All videos are 100% free. If you'd like to support me, you can pay-what-you-want on Gumroad.

Welcome to React 2025


Get excited! The next 15 live streams will teach you how to build a real SaaS application.

Introduction to React 2025


An introduction to the course and an explanation of what we'll build.

Firestore, Chakra UI, Absolute Imports


Learn about best practices with Next.js data fetching and configure Firestore and Chakra UI.

Designing & Building the Dashboard


Convert Figma designs into real React code and build a dashboard page.

Firebase Admin with Next.js + SWR


Configure Firebase server-side and use API routes + SWR to fetch and mutate data.

Creating Feedback Pages


Fetch data from Firestore with getStaticProps / getStaticPaths and save user feedback with a form.

Authentication on API Routes (Firebase JWT)


Protect Next.js API routes and redirect to the dashboard. We also learn about Incremental Static Regeneration.

User Feedback Page + Google Sign In


Learn how to reuse layouts and styles, plus add Sign In with Google using Firebase Authentication.

Squashing bugs, integration tests, and logging


Set up an integration test on PR runs with Checkly / Puppeteer and persist logs to to Logflare.

Subscription Payments with Stripe


Connect to Stripe to allow users to checkout and manage their subscriptions.

Managing Site Feedback


Creating, updating, and deleting feedback in Firebase through the user dashboard.

Embed Iframe + Edit/Delete Site


Manage a site's settings through a Modal and mutate your cache with SWR.

Going to Production + Testing With Checkly


Launch the product and write a login end-to-end test with Checkly and Puppeteer.

Adding MDX


Use MDX to create the terms and privacy policy pages for the application.

Launching Your Product & Conclusion


That's a wrap! Some final thoughts on how to launch your product.

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I'm Lee Robinson –– developer, writer, and the creator of Mastering Next.js and React 2025.

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